Renting conditions :
  At least 25 years of age of driver
  At least 3 years of current driving licence
  ID document (passport, ID card)
  Passing the national borders is possible only if is alowed by the personal in NM Rent-a-car
  All eventual fees and trafic violation ticket are renters responsible to pay
  In the case of traffic accident, renter must call police and inform the personal of NM Rent-a-car.
  In the case of main responsibilty for trafic accident, renter is responsible to pay 20% of damage and must have    police report about accident
  If renter don’t inform police about traffic accident, he is responsible to pay complete damage on vehicle
  All pasangers in the vehicle are insured by rate of “Dunav Osiguranje” company.
  The automotive fuel is not included in the price of rent
  In the case of vehicle misfunciton, you will gett a new car imidietly





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